08 - 10. October 2024 - VISION STUTTGART

VISION in Stuttgart, Germany is the world’s leading industrial machine vision trade fair. We will be in the Hyperspectral Hub with Headwall Group companies inno-spec GmbH and perClass BV, as well as Cubert GmbH. See examples of our lab and rugged factory deployed systems in Booth 10D21.

Headwall’s advanced hyperspectral imaging systems contribute to breakthroughs and advantages for a broad range of industries including industrial process control, in-line product inspection, environmental monitoring, remote sensing, precision agriculture, and artwork & cultural heritage analysis. Headwall has established technical leadership, manufacturing prowess, and application vision. A US-based manufacturer, Headwall designs and deploys complete, integrated systems and solutions for end-users, and also develops application-specific optical modules, such as spectrographs and spectrometers for OEM customers.

inno-spec has been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral imaging (HSI) systems for industrial applications for two decades, continuing to set new standards of quality and reliability. System integrators and laboratory users around the globe value inno-spec’s expertise in hyperspectral imaging and have confidence in the accuracy and performance of our systems. Applications for hyperspectral imaging are almost limitless. Regardless of your industry — whether recycling, food industry or manufacturing — our HSI solutions offer significant added value. We help you guarantee the best quality of your products, optimize your processes, and increase your efficiency.

A spinoff of TU Delft in 2006, perClass BV brings the results of state-of-the-art machine learning research to industrial practitioners and researchers in an easy-to-use software package called perClass Mira which dramatically simplifies interpretation of spectral images for research or commercial use. We focus on addressing real-world work-flows enabling professionals around the world to develop highly innovative integrated hardware and software solutions that work in real time!

Join us in Booth 10D21!

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inno-spec GmbH booth at VISION 2022. The 2024 Hyperspectral Hub will also feature Headwall and perClass!