Innovation in Hyperspectral imaging

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We push the boundaries of visibility

At INNO-SPEC, we have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral imaging (HSI) systems for industrial applications since 2005. Our products have been among the industry pioneers since the beginning, and we continue to set standards in terms of quality and reliability to this day. System integrators and laboratory users around the world value our expertise in hyperspectral imaging and have confidence in the accuracy and performance of our technologies.

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Climate change, scarcity of resources, and waste management: The challenges of our time continue to grow. To face them, we need innovative technologies and solutions. 

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) makes a decisive contribution: It provides information on chemical material characteristics even with complex challenges and objects. It makes the invisible visible down to the smallest detail – and thus paves the way for changes. 

See for yourself: Visit us at VISION in Stuttgart and discover the fascinating world of hyperspectral imagery. Check our HSI cameras in action and discuss their different possible uses with our experts – for example in the recycling industry, the food industry or research. 

Let’s discuss how you can use HSI technology in your company in order to sustainably optimize your processes and the quality of your products, to save resources and to reduce your CO2 emissions. 

No matter what your biggest challenges are, let’s face them together – at VISION in Stuttgart, 5-7 October 2021, Hall 10, Stand D21.  

 We look forward to spending time with you at the show!

Application fields


Whether it is household waste, construction waste or industrial waste: For an efficient circular economy, raw materials must be automatically and quickly removed from the waste stream and be sorted by type. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC can provide support in this: They detect classes of material, coatings, contaminations and more.

Food processing industry

Mechanical cultivation and harvesting methods as well as global transport and supply chains present the entire food processing industry with new challenges. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC help with quality assurance: For example, they can track down foreign bodies, measure the composition of ingredients, or find spoiled items.

Process control

In many industries, constant control of all production processes is essential to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products. It allows objective 100% control of all goods in real time. They detect ingredients, material identities, surface properties and much more.

All products


NIR hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range from 950 to 2200 nm


VIS / NIR hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range of 400 to 1000 nm


UV hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range from 220 to 380 nm