Spectroscopy applications in practice

Modern spectroscopic measuring systems allow the precise and reliable determination of a substance or a mixture of substances. Near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy are molecular methods based on the excitation of vibrations of molecules.

Against this background, the application areas of these analysis methods are virtually unlimited. Therefore, spectrometer systems, like no other analytical technology, offer a very wide range of applications in quality and process control in almost all industries.

In practice, the spectroscopic applications can be classified as follows:





Different substances are classified according to their different spectral properties. A distinction of the products is easy to make.

Ideal for sorting applications in-line, at-line or in the lab


In addition to the qualitative analyzes, quantitative methods can also be used. There the substance concentration is determined.

This approach is pursued as part of a process control or process optimization, such as when determining the consumption of educts or when determining the moisture content.


Characteristic features in the spectra are used to uniquely determine the analyte of interest, e.g. by direct comparison with a previously known reference substance.

Applications can be incoming goods inspections, such as identity checks or proof of originality.


Instead of a substance distribution here the pure presence of a substance is of significance. The focus here is on the detection and verification of process-critical constituents, such as impurities or material defects.
Applications can be made in diagnostics, quality control or process monitoring.

The solutions from inno-spec are presented and realized effectively. The process-capable systems can be used in a wide variety of industries or research institutions.

Here one differentiates between

Process analysis

Laboratory analysis

Over the years, as a partner of successful system integrators, we have been able to put together not only the respective know-how, but also the know-why in order to put application-oriented system solutions into practice.

In addition, we offer, in the context of new applications, a feasibility study with a few representative samples to ensure your success.

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