inno-spec spectrometer - your partner for the laboratory

inno-spec spectrometer systems are characterized by a robust design, easy handling and high measurement speed, providing a reliable partner for routine analysis in the laboratory.

Optical spectrometer systems require no consumables, thus saving time and money!

Multicomponent analysis

Spectroscopic methods allow the simultaneous determination of multiple parameters. Qualitative and quantitative analyses can be made at the same time.

Get a deeper insight into your processes, providing information about their condition or possible changes in real-time and implement appropriate counter measures!

High accuracy

High-quality sensors, high spectral resolution and high-performance software enable unprecedented measurement accuracy within a few moments. This is completed by multivariate data analysis.

Secure your products and processes with one of the most reliable analysis methods!


Spectroscopic systems allow for non-destructive, non-invasive analysis of objects, preserving the measured objects in their original form. As an advantage, in particular with regard to cost-intensive products, they can thus be used for the further analysis or production process.


Spectroscopic methods do not necessarily have to be in direct touch with the measurement object. Therefore, sensitive products can be examined without contact. Some applications also allow analysis through transparent surfaces.

This allows to measure in minutes and reliably without sample preparation.

Talk to us about our solutions for routine analysis in the laboratory or at-line!

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