Identical results through smart process analytics

The great benefit of process analysis is that it simultaneously monitors and optimizes the entirety of all production processes and the products processed therein. In order to meet these idealized requirements, one needs above all:

  • a continuous measuring performance
  • a robust construction
  • an easy integration

which reliably and consistently withstand the harsh manufacturing and production conditions in the process.
Since univariate measurement data (such as temperature, pH, etc.) can not describe the process of a manufacturing process with sufficient accuracy, data in multi-dimensional or multivariate form is required. Only then can an optimal process analysis be operated

High information density

Spectroscopic measuring methods are known for high and complex information turnover (stored as spectra), in which both chemical and morphological information are contained. Thanks to high-performance software, the process-relevant parameters can be determined and evaluated in a multivariate data analysis.
The initially complex and diffuse appearing spectra are in fact so precise that we can obtain reliable information about the product at the molecular level. For this we offer simple and easy-to-learn software solutions.

Easy integration in the industrial process

All spectrometer systems from inno-spec are suitable for industrial use. The sturdy construction protects the measuring devices, among other things, against dust and moisture no matter if in-line / on-line or at-line analysis.

Depending on the process environment, our measuring systems can be adapted to suit the application thanks to their multi-channel capability. In this way, difficult-to-reach production areas can be reached by suitable choice of the measuring probe.

Contact us so that together we can find an optimal solution for your requirement. We are happy to help you to successfully industrialize your process.

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