08 – 10 Oct 2024 – VISION Stuttgart

08 – 10. October 2024 – VISION STUTTGART VISION in Stuttgart, Germany is the world’s leading industrial machine vision trade fair. We will be in the Hyperspectral Hub with Headwall Group companies inno-spec GmbH and perClass BV, as well as Cubert GmbH. See examples of our lab and rugged factory deployed systems in Booth 10D21. Headwall’s advanced hyperspectral imaging systems contribute to breakthroughs […]

Recording: Real-Time, Non-Contact Sorting of Plastics for Recycling with Hyperspectral Imaging

Watch the Recording of “Non-Contact Sorting of Plastics for Recycling with Hyperspectral Imaging” Originally presented on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 See how real-time, non-contact sorting of plastics for recycling is made possible using our hyperspectral technology. Dr. Inga Niedermaier Anwendungstechnik / Application Support Engineer at inno-spec GmbH, now part of the Headwall Group of companies, provides […]

IASIM Conference Bilbao – July 6 – 10

On behalf of the International Association for Spectral Imaging (IASIM), we are pleased to invite you to IASIM-2024, the ninth international conference in spectral imaging, which will take place in July 2024 in Bilbao, Spain.

Inno-Spec joins forces with Headwall Photonics®️

Inno-Spec joins forces with Headwall Photonics®️ Exciting News Alert!We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for inno-spec GmbH! We are excited to join forces with Headwall Photonics®️, a pioneering force in spectral imaging solutions. This opens up new horizons for inno-spec, allowing us to scale our innovative hyperspectral imaging technology and tap into new […]