Quality and responsibility

As varied as the spectrum, so too is inno-spec. Since there are no limits to the range of applications, spectroscopic solutions can be found for every industry, and our individual measurement solutions can be optimally used.

We work accurately, fast and in a structured way to realize customer- and application-specific systems and components. Especially for this individualization, we need intelligent people whom we, if possible, educate ourselves. Our company is small but nice.

Not only do we want to be the best in our field, we also want to expand our expertise continuously by participating in collaboration projects. Our aim is excellence. Therefore, we focus on our competence: The development of customized spectroscopic measurement solutions.

Sincerity, transparency as well as a proactive and esteeming communication are indispensable for any (good) collaboration. Win-Win is not just a catch phrase to us. It is the fundament for all our cooperation.

By creating awareness of quality, a sustainable production, continuing education of our employees and economic links to other affiliates, we are striving to live and promote a continuous improvement process. Compliance with legal as well as customer-specific requirements are for granted.

This enables us to be a reliable, competent and innovative partner to our customers to act solution-oriented together and at all times.

What we want for our customers also applies to our employees. Therefore, we create jobs, which give our employees the freedom to grow, to develop and to shape. Jobs where compatibility with family life is not an idle slogan. Our team consists of people convincing with competence, integrity, passion and empathy.

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