Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging systems by inno-spec are imaging spectrometer systems recording chemical or physical information precisely and reliably in real time. Spectral data can be analyzed with chemometric methods, thus enabling reliable classification or quantification.

Imaging Spectroscopy provides significant advantages as compared to conventional spectroscopic techniques in many applications:

For instance, it is possible to simultaneously measure several objects in parallel and independent of their position in the field of view. This enables a high sample throughput without limitations concerning sample formats or shapes. The imaging information for each object also allows further evaluation of object related properties like ingredient distribution, which would hardly be feasible with non-imaging spectroscopy techniques.

Our system family provides different versions of hyperspectral imaging cameras to allow for the optimal choice for each application. Please feel free to contact us.


NIR-Hyperspectral camera (950 - 1700nm)

System with InGaAs-detector for measurements in the Near Infrared (NIR).

Due to the high measurement rate (330Hz, full ROI) ideally suited for qualitative and quantitative measurement in process environments.

Data sheet

NIR/SWIR-Hyperspectral camera (1200 - 2200nm)

System with InGaAs-detector (extended spectral range) for measurements in the Near Infrared (NIR).


MIR-Hyperspectral camera (2900 - 4200nm)

High-end camera system for measurements in the mid-infrared (MIR).

Data sheet


VIS/NIR-Hyperspectral camera (400 – 1000nm)

Compact system equipped with CMOS-sensor. Combines color and NIR information. Extended spectral range between 400 and 1000nm.

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VIS/NIR-Hyperspectral camera (580 – 1000nm)

Robust and compact hyperspectral camera in the wavelength range from 580 to 1000nm. Easy integration in the process.

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