Process Raman spectrometers

In the past years, Raman spectroscopy has gained quite some importance in industrial environments, since, as a complementary measurement method for NIR spectroscopy, it opens up a wide variety of new fields of applications which weren’t accessible until recently.

Our Raman systems are dedicated to the use in near-process environments and are a precise tool for routine laboratory as well as for in-process analysis. The systems comprise an integrated, adjustable laser and are directly compatible to a variety of Raman probes, therefore enabling safe and easy process integration and reliable routine operation.

Raman 785

Weitere Vorzüge

  • Prozesstaugliche Konstruktion
  • Einstellbare Laserleistung [50-500 mW]
  • 785nm Anregungswellenlänge [geringe Fluoreszenzeffekte]
  • Mehrstufige Laser-Verrieglungen
  • Leicht zu erlernende Software
  • Einfaches Handling

Technologischer Vorsprung

  • Kontaktlose Messungen
  • Zerstörungsfreie Analysen
  • Keine Probenvorbereitung
  • Schnelle und exakte Auswertungen
  • Vielseitige Anwendungsmöglichkeiten
  • Geringer Wartungsaufwand

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