RedEye 1.7 & ColEx

950 - 1700 nm

A versatile camera for a wide range of applications

NIR hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range from 950 to 1700 nm

The RedEye 1.7 is a near infrared (NIR) pushbroom HSI camera. It provides chemical information on a wide variety of materials: from plastics and food to drugs and waste. The technology captures information that is not visible to the naked eye, such as material class, ingredients or coatings. It is used in particular in sorting systems and for in-line process control. With high measurement rates, exceptional spectral and spatial resolution, and a flexibly adjustable field of view, the RedEye 1.7 enables real-time in-line monitoring – even on fast moving objects. In combination with the ColEx adapter, which incorporates RGB data with the NIR signal, parallel recording of color information is also possible. Once installed, the RedEye 1.7 consistently delivers fast and reliable results – and at unbeatable value for money. Do you have questions or are you interested in this product? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Key Features

  • 950 … 1700 nm wave length range
  • superior low light sensitivity
  • 330 fps @ 320 x 256 pixels (max. sensor resolution)
  • GigE Vision interface
  • industrial profen rugged design (IP65, IP67)
  • free of periodical calibration of optical path components
  • RGB image in parallel via integration in the optical path through optional “ColEx” adapter device
  • excellent optical imaging performance
  • designed without moving mechanical parts

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Application fields



Whether it is household waste, construction waste or industrial waste: For an efficient circular economy, raw materials must be automatically and quickly removed from the waste stream and be sorted by type. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC can provide support in this: They detect classes of material, coatings, contaminations and more.

Food processing industry

Mechanical cultivation and harvesting methods as well as global transport and supply chains present the entire food processing industry with new challenges. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC help with quality assurance: For example, they can track down foreign bodies, measure the composition of ingredients, or find spoiled items.

Process control

In many industries, constant control of all production processes is essential to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products. It allows objective 100% control of all goods in real time. They detect ingredients, material identities, surface properties and much more.

technical specifications


Spectral range typ.

950 to 1700 nm


106 nm/mm

Spectral resolution

10 nm (with 80 µm slit)

Spatial resolution rms spot radius

< 35 µm


< 60 µm


< 50 µm



Slit width, default

80 µm (others on request)




Pixels in full frame

320 x 256

Pixel size

30 x 30 µm

Bit depth

13 bit

Frame rate

330 fps (full frame)

4200 fps (4 bands)

Data interface /Camera control

Gigabit Ethernet

(GigE Vision standard)

Power supply 

12 – 36 V DC


1-Stage TEC

Operation Conditions

Temperature (operating)

-5º to + 40º

Temperature (storage)

-10º to + 45º


Dimensions l x w x h

368 mm x 130 mm x 145 mm


4,3 Kg

Lens mount

Standard C-mount

Protection type

IP65 and IP67


ColEx adapter

multiple software packages

pre-study & proof of concept

customizing (e. g. of detection range)

fitting light sources like Halogen and LED

SDK Software Development Kit

motorized sample stage "Speccer"

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