Hyperspectral Imaging

in process control

Keep an eye on every detail of your processes

HSI enables objective monitoring in real time

In many industries, constant control of all production steps is essential to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products. Control is carried out, for example, by means of random sampling, visual inspections or lengthy laboratory tests. Compared to these methods, HSI offers decisive advantages: It allows objective 100% control of all goods in real time. Parts or whole batches that deviate from the target can thus be ejected at an early stage or the process parameters can be adjusted accordingly. This saves unnecessary work steps, energy and resources. The fields of application of HSI are extremely diverse: The technology is suitable, for example, for checking ingredients, material identities, and surface properties or color fidelity. It can be used in all industries: processing of plastics and materials, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, electronics, building materials, the chemical industry and many more.


Examples of process control applications

Production control in the pharmaceutical industry

In pharmaceutical companies, mistakes can make the difference between life and death. Therefore, 100% control of all drugs is particularly crucial. HSI systems provide reliable results: They measure the composition and the active ingredient content of drugs and ensure that the active ingredients are distributed evenly in tablets. They are also used to control surface coatings or blister packages. Manufacturers can therefore rely on 100% control of outgoing goods.

Determination of moisture content

Whether in paper and cardboard, textiles, confectionary or plastics and wood products: Moisture content is a critical factor in many intermediates and end products. It influences, among other things, process parameters, mechanical strength and durability, surface properties and color appearance. Moisture is often determined offline in the laboratory using material samples. This method is extremely tedious. With the help of HSI, this process becomes faster and more efficient: The near infrared (NIR) range is particularly suitable for the precise measurement of moisture. Online measurement also allows direct reaction in the process: Parameters can be adjusted immediately, or drying or humidifying steps can be inserted.

Control of gluing processes

In the automotive industry, in timber construction, furniture making, for toys or technical devices: high-performance glues and highly specialized adhesives are fundamental components of many items – often going unnoticed in the end product. This makes it all the more important to carefully control the gluing process and its results: does the adhesive achieve the desired result? Is the mixing ratio for two-component systems correct? For adhesives that are actively cured, the curing process must also be monitored. Last but not least, it’s important to ensure that the adhesive is applied evenly over the entire surface. HSI helps to efficiently check all these criteria – on 100% of all processed parts and in real time. In this way, processes can be adapted in an instant if needed.

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NIR hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range from 950 to 2200 nm


VIS / NIR hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range of 400 to 1000 nm


UV hyperspectral camera with a wavelength range from 220 to 380 nm