Watch the Recording of “Non-Contact Sorting of Plastics for Recycling with Hyperspectral Imaging”

Originally presented on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

See how real-time, non-contact sorting of plastics for recycling is made possible using our hyperspectral technology. Dr. Inga Niedermaier Anwendungstechnik / Application Support Engineer at inno-spec GmbH, now part of the Headwall Group of companies, provides an overview of the application and how our sensors are used right now by companies performing this much-needed service, improving conditions on our planet and reducing waste.

Mikhael Jobran, Business Development and Sales Manager, Machine Vision Americas, provided an introduction to Headwall and inno-spec GmbH, now a Headwall Group company, and the basics of hyperspectral imaging. There were live presentations, a pre-recorded video demo, and live Q&A.

View the Recording now!